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Hindquarters Dog Bed

Maman has a crush on floral fabrics and house le corgi is still a (decorative) work in progress. I've had several dog beds before and rarely ever used any of those.

So when our friends at Hindquarters (whom commercial was the first we ever filmed in 2015) gifted us with one of their fab looking medium-sized dog beds, featuring a gorgeous limited-edition Morris fabric (Chrysanthemum) cover (we also have a silver cord one) two of us we really REALLY excited.

Guess what? I'm actually sleeping on it (and I've heard that the Hindquarters gang also shares theirs with their humans!) and it's the perfect addition to our lounge.

  • The interchangeable covers that are all super stylish, made from natural fabrics, durable and machine washable (they're easily removed from underneath and have a velcro system to stay in place)! Finally a bed that doesn't compromise between being practical and looking good, and no need to wash - and dry - the whole thing! Get an extra cover and no need to sleep on the floor while the other is in the washing, et voilà!

  • The inner dog bed is made from a technical sportswear material that is durable, comfortable, waterproof and breathable, and the hypoallergenic no-smell stuffing has unmatched cushioning and insulation properties

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