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London House SW11

Maman, Papa and I make a point of experiencing as much as we can together, when reasonable (and enjoyable for all three of us) - this include traveling, eating out and going out, showcasing le best of dogs welcoming, in our beloved hometown of London, the UK and beyond.

So we are really thrilled to have recently joined the amazing team at All Four Paws as guest reviewers. All Four Paws offers to browse their favourite pet-friendly destinations, plus the hottest tips and advice on everything for modern, stylish paws.

For our first review, we were sent to nonetheless than London House, a restaurant that is part of the Gordon Ramsay culinary empire. Open for Summer only (until end September), the Secret Garden at London House welcomed Maman, myself and our UK Corgi Club friend Bilbo (and his owner) for lunch in a magical atmosphere, on a very British Summer day (translate we went from sunshine to rain in the course of our apéritif).

Situated on Battersea Square, the venue welcomes dogs of all sizes everywhere (but the kitchen sadly), and what a welcome! From biscuits and water readily available as we stepped inside to cuddles from the staff, we were truly treated like royalty. At London House the regulars come with two and four legs, including a certain Banksy... the French bulldog. Our lovely waitress even confessed to loving to work there because of the canine visitors.

The food I hear was delicious - from the starters to the steak, chicken kiev and desserts. There is choice for everyone, including vegetarian options, and even semi-private areas for parties. Read more of our visit and our complete review (or book your next dog-friendly experience) on the All Four Paws website HERE.

Bone appétit and merci London House for an amazing afternoon!

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