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#LeTest: September 2017

My monthly review is back (after a "short" pause due to some exciting projects, sorry!). here are my picks, some of the products i got to put to le test in August and September 2017.

Dainty: Dapper Maximus Designs rope lead

The lovely Neve, a young British entrepreneur (whose handsome spaniel Maximus @dappermaximus we adore) sent us a gorgeous rope lead with a leather handle. We love the look of Dapper Maximus' leads (they now even personalise the handle with the dog's name and added several more colour choices), it's all in the details - from the stag charm to the fabric treat/poo bag holder attached to the handle! The lead is both practical (especially lightweight) and good looking, and we took it on our recent trips to Mercure Walton Hall and Forest Holidays Sherwood Forest.

Pleased to share my own discount code "LECORGI20" to use on the Dapper Maximus Designs' Etsy store HERE for 20% a lead, as well as a short bio of the brand.

Neve told us: "I always wanted to get a rope lead with a leather handle for Maximus, but I couldn't find anywhere in the UK that did them and I couldn't afford the costly American shipping fees on top of the lead price. Therefore, I decided I would do my own and sell them for the people who were also like me, wanting a leather and rope lead, but who couldn't find an English company to buy it from. I also got inspiration from Maximus who suits the leads beautifully.

To begin the process of setting up this business I was looking into all the different things I needed to buy in order to hand make them myself. Finding the rope and dye was easy, but I struggled when I started to think about how to put it all together into the actual product. I was also, and still am, doing my A levels at school, so the time I figured out to make these myself would cut into my school work. Therefore, I had to settle with having them made for me, which I didn't want to do. They are still handmade, but just by someone else. However, I still wanted some part of this to be done by me. So to make the lead more unique we brought some charms and a load of small and big cotton drawstring bags as well as two different sized stamps. We also brought 'DapperMaximus' stickers and 'Dapper Maximus Designs' labels to stitch on to the poo/treat bag holder.

I really do want to 100% hand make these myself, so every collection after the STAG collection will be as I have finally learnt how to do it.

I have another set of custom rope leads coming out in a few days which are all UK supplied materials and handmade by me and an also an improved quality. With these custom leads people can choose what colour leather handle and whipping they want (choice of 9 colours), which charm they want, if they want gold or silver hardware, rope thickness and length and also if they would like a slip lead or normal lead. As you can tell, these handmade leads mean that people can really personalise them to suit their style.

Finally, we also want to give back. So we decided that for every 100 sales we will be donating £100 to the dog charity of our choice. We have chosen AA dog rescue in Essex, because we went there to help volunteer for a week and really would like to help them out. "


So Bright! Hownd Miracle White & Bright Colour Enhancing Conditioning Shampoo

Hownd are based in the UK and produce natural grooming products for dogs with delightful scents (we have a few!).

The first product of the new "Miracle Spa" range launched by the cruelty-free brand a few months ago, the White & Bright Colour Enhancing Conditioning Shampoo is specially formulated for all coat colours of all breeds.

It is made with botanical extracts (including green tea, ginger and aloe vera leaf juice) and is described as "a natural alternative to chemically treated whitening and brightening products". The shampoo contains zero bleach, chemical dye or optical brightener.

The shampoo neutralises discolorations and removes staining, without being harsh on skin.

Marcel @lecorgi puts Hownd Shampoo to Le Test


Paint Me Like One of Your French Corgis: Paint Portrait 2017

Jessie @paint.portrait send us this gorgeous customized digital painting for my barkday and we absolutely adore it! Jessie now takes commissions so visit her Etsy store HERE to order yours!

We received the above products to test and review. All opinions are our own.

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