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DogRobes Drying Coat

I like to get my paws muddy. And wet. Whenever it's wet outside - great - I like to bring all the park back inside with me.

I do not get a bath very often but when I do... the floof takes ages (or the dreaded hair dryer) to dry! So the big adventurer that I am was thrilled to hear about DogRobes, which my corgi furiends Gwen and Bertie were raving about! We met with the lovely Scottish founder, Margaret, in March at Crufts and she kindly gave me the gorgeous limited-edition tartan model so we could put it to the test and get in the mood for our UK Corgi Club Annual meet in Edinburgh .

What are Dogrobes?

A bath robe for dogs, literally! They're dog drying coats that are great for use on the go: after swimming, outdoor adventures, working, training... or after taking a bath.

They keep the muscles warm and are non-restrictive, allowing us to move freely while drying off much faster than with a quick towel rub and without the trauma of a hair dryer.

They also help shield surroundings (home, car, hotel...) from wet becoming too wet and/or muddy.

Le Size (and colour) Matter

DogRobes come in a wide range of colours and sizes. I wear a size S.

Find out how to measure your pet to get the best size of Dogrobe HERE and see how simple it is to fit a Dogrobe by watching our short video opposite

What are Dogrobes made of?

A towelling fabric (80% cotton, 20% polyester) that’s exclusive to the company and is durable, fast drying and snag-proof, featuring longer loops inside to absorb more moisture.

How do they work?

By absorbing moisture from the dog’s coat and trapping their body heat, drying them quickly and keeping the muscles warm whilst allowing free movement.

Le Woof / What we love

  • a range of colours included my limited edition tartan

  • can be made to measure and personalised

  • machine washable at 40°C

  • no velcro, leg straps, or leg holes (and easy to fit over the head with a tie

  • no obstruction to movement

  • covers the underbelly area (very important for a low rider)

  • average drying time: 30min (vs hours "au naturel")

  • Multi-use: perfect for on the go and travel, to cool in hot weather (dipped in cold water), melt trapped snowballs in Winter and even mask wet dog smells! + More

  • reasonably priced, starting at £18.95

  • made in Britain

  • great customer service constantly improving the product

Le Verdict: We woof DogRobes, now one of my travel essentials! If only my putting didn't often mean a bath... ;)

Disclaimer: we received a Dogrobes coat to try and review. All opinions are our own.

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