Alexpetree_190 - “How much does it cost to buy a fluffy corgi, and do you notice a difference in behavior between Pembroke and cardigan corgi's?”

ela_dreams - “Which was the first ever pic u took of marcel and the first ever pic u posted on IG? “ wud like to see those 

You’re so fluffy, am I gonna die?

YvesSaintLivvy - I was wondering what sort of lifestyle you need to have to look after one - is apartment living okay for them? Xx

Do you respond to French or English? Do you speak any other language?

What made you start an Instagram account? 

What do you love most? 

Colette Tucker N Tate - Marcel, in all of your world travels, where was your favorite and why?

Veronika Engels - How long had Maman to be on the waiting list? Did she know you were a fluffy? What made you choose her?

Awww Marcel, Mon amour Have you ever met your litter mates again?

Corina Louisa Gomes - Were your brofur a fluffy too?

Carla & Bertie - Since your Papa is a chef, does he ever cook for you? If he does, what does he make that you love best?

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