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Alexpetree_190 - “How much does it cost to buy a fluffy corgi, and do you notice a difference in behavior between Pembroke and cardigan corgi's?”

ela_dreams - “Which was the first ever pic u took of marcel and the first ever pic u posted on IG? “ wud like to see those 

You’re so fluffy, am I gonna die?

YvesSaintLivvy - I was wondering what sort of lifestyle you need to have to look after one - is apartment living okay for them? Xx

Do you respond to French or English? Do you speak any other language?

What made you start an Instagram account? 

What do you love most? 

Colette Tucker N Tate - Marcel, in all of your world travels, where was your favorite and why?

Veronika Engels - How long had Maman to be on the waiting list? Did she know you were a fluffy? What made you choose her?

Awww Marcel, Mon amour Have you ever met your litter mates again?

Corina Louisa Gomes - Were your brofur a fluffy too?

Carla & Bertie - Since your Papa is a chef, does he ever cook for you? If he does, what does he make that you love best?

@cecyph: Your best puppy eyes moment

@homicidal.brunette: I'm terribly sorry to hear about Marcel's grandmama, sending healight light and love your way

@helloleisa: what is your favourite afternoon nap spot?

@London_fluffycorgi: I would love photo tips since you are so good at it

@s0phie.a: how much planning goes into Marcel travelling with you? Is it continuous planning for each trip?

@ytsirhc2: Does Papa make him gourmet looking doggy food ever?

@michaelchankl9: what food do you eat?

@karinteso06: How often do you get a bath and what is your shampoo and conditioner? any skin problems?

@katinteso06: do you like to receive hugs and cuddles or would prefer not to?

@b_anmarie: permission to give Marcel a treat and a boop?

@chopitupforguga: Why is Marcel so handsome?

@mvnchrst: Bonsoir Marcel! Quel est-ce que les cuisines de France que vous aimez?

@ h_kaye_m: 3 pieces of advice for a future traveller to the UK from America?

@mom_of_a_squishy: What's your jacket? Wet suit? Thing?

@ambrepaitry: Quelle saison preferez-vous pour vous promener avec Marcel?

@sashaferg: Your top 3 favourite photos of Marcel from all time?

@ladygrantham29: Have you been to Switzerland?

@sophie_and_franklin: Do you have a good brain gaime that challenges SuperSmart Marcel?

@harlowthefluffycorgi: what lenses/advice would you recommend for dog photography in nature?

@niecey_e: What does Maman and Papa love about living in the great country of the UK?

@ema_thecorgi: when is he visiting Costa Rica?

@uncle_rico_of_ca: Do you like digestives?

@earthwaterfireair7: What conditioner do you use?

@juliatolaura: Favourite palce? and dream vacation?

@juliatolaura: What's your favourite dinner/snack? All of you, humans and Marcel?

@chloeofficial13: tips for helping to get a corgi pup to note bite at your ankles? I know he's herding me!

@mssmart: How long is Marcel?

@katiecottingham: Do you guys make any homemade treats for Marcel? Any recipe?

@hausheenhoosein: any tips on how to travel with/transport a dog from the USA to the UK?

@allenthecorgipoo: When you travel with Marcel by car, do you recommend a car  seat?

@daniela.rubio.5: what is your favourite desert

@superherokidjackmc: What's your favourite treat?

@ellsbells952012: What sort of things make the difference between a breeder and a responsible breeder?

@uncle_rico_of_Ca: How many boops does Marcel get in an average day?

@noelsebastian34: How good of a boss is Marcel? ;)

@katiecottingham:Was Marcel ever an office dog every now and then before you left your 9-5 for full time creative work?

@katiecottingham:: What was your favourite meal in each area/city you visited and why? I know probably a series of posts!

@snugglystef: how are you surviving lockdown? Are you guys out and about yet?

@qjudge20: How are you doing?

@lamon_cranston3: Do you watch Topi and Gatsby on YouTube?

@seb.r7: Who's Marcel's Dad?

@gotmere: How do you manage corgi shedding?

@katiecottingham: you win £10M tomorrow and 1/4 of that has to be spent on travel, what's the itinerary? 

@katiecottingham: What's one place you're afraid to travel to, any reason (extreme weather or bugs is well justified)?

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