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Furbo Dog Camera - 2 Years On

****** AD - This blog post is sponsored by Furbo. Our review is independent and honest as usual: we only recommend products we use/would feel comfortable using, paid or not. ****

Following in the footsteps of my "Master", Jasper Islington, whose Uprights participated in the original fundraising campaign for the product in the United States, I was one of the first UK pups to get to try a Furbo dog camera two years ago.

Since my original blog post and review, "House Le Corgi" has been reorganised and Maman is now self-employed, which means she mostly works from home, as my assistant (but really she is a photographer and consultant). I do however allow her and Papa some time off to go on dates, or let her go on photoshoots on her own (sometimes).

I'm less used to being on my own now but still very happy to be home alone (because we kept the same routine when they leave me). To be honest I feel like Maman is the one suffering from separation anxiety now. That and she also likes to make sure that Papa eats healthily when she is away hehe - he has no idea there's a privacy feature to it and gets caught with a cheeky takeaway EVERY time. As a result our Furbo is still very much used and loved!

We're now using a newer version of it, which main differences are a wider angle (it now covers most of our downstairs), larger capacity for treats (up to 100 pieces of 1cm) and crispier image. The sleek and stylish design is still the same and one of our favourite things about it: it does not look like a monitoring camera!

Whilst Furbo is not designed to replace human presence or be used to feed main meals, we still love how it helps us to connect and "stay together" even when we are away from each other. They receive barking alerts on the app they have on their mobile phones (with a prompt to check what I am doing), can hear what's happening in the house, talk to me (I will sometimes tilt my head when they do), record videos or photos, day and night (with the HD camera that has night vision and a zoom).

I know the sound of the treat tosser and whenever I hear it run towards the camera (which is placed high up so I cannot tip it to help myself to the food) and wag in anticipation (I learnt that they love to see me happy so much that the more I wag the more treats they toss!). I can even catch the treats in flight! They still trick me into moving when I won't by triggering the treat tosser too, clever humans!

We hear some new AI (Artificial Intelligence) features are being tested and developed in other countries and hope we'll get to put them to Le Test soon!

Until then Furbo is available to buy on Amazon and the official website HERE for £199 (as of Sept. 2018) - the recommended retail price is £249.

My recent Instagram post about Furbo can be seen on this link

  • Measurements: 15 x 12 x 22.5 cm

Weight: 2.1lb/950 g

  • Interactive treat tossing: mimics clicker training by making a sound before tossing a treat, helping the dog establish a positive feeling towards the device. Capacity: up to 100 pieces of treats (recommended round shape with a diameter of 0.4" (1cm) - we use Fish4Dogs 's dry food (regular bite) and it works brilliantly!

  • Barking Alert: it detects barking and sends push notifications to your phone so you can check what fido is doing

  • Privacy: Furbo switches off when you're home, if the feature is turned on on your mobile phone

  • 2-Way Audio with high-quality microphone (hear what's happening at home and talk to your pet)

  • Live streaming HD Video (720p) with wide angle, 4 x digital zoom and infrared LED night vision

  • Photo & Video capture

  • Uses colours the dog can see (blue and yellow) to attract the dog's attention when you're tuned in

  • Spill proof design (we still recommend keeping it on a piece of furniture vs on the ground if treats are used) with a bamboo wooden cover, durable and looking good!

  • A dedicated Facebook group and fantastic customer service!

  • USA Only (for now): AI features including "selfie" alert and movement detection


- Broadband internet connection (1Mbps upload recommended) - Wi-Fi or Ethernet - Available power outlet - iOS 8 or newer - Android 4.1 or newer

****** AD - This blog post is sponsored by Furbo. Our review is independent and honest as usual: we only recommend products we use/would feel comfortable using, paid or not. ****

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