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and the theme will be... Perseverance! 

feat. pictures captured throughout the years  (most previously unseen but also some old favourites and yes, some puppy pictures too) and famous Marcelisms, because corgis are sliiiightly stubborn! All the proceeds are saved in an account dedicated to my care and recovery / fight against IVDD (the spinal condition I suffer from)


It will be delivered via the email you use for Paypal**

(within 72hrs of donation received - no automatic email sent this year)  as:

- 1 x PDF file suitable for printing (at home or with local printers)

- 1 x PDF file designed for computer viewing

- 13 x JPEG images to use as a computer desktop wallpaper 

- 13 x JPEG images to use as a smartphone wallpaper


Since there aren't any printing or shipping costs, and we understand that just like for us things are tough for many at the moment, 

le calendar is available on a "Pay What You Can" model once again. A donation of ANY amount is an order!



for donations of £15 / €17 / US$20 or over***



We wanted to reduce our impact on the pandemic by avoiding the physical handling of items and frequent trips to the post office. In addition, our usual printers could not get recycled paper due to a shortage of supplies AND shipping fees are currently very high especially to North America with unreliable postal services.

** please make sure to specify your email address when donating, if different from your Paypal email! This will be used to send the files.

***for those able to pay the full price of the calendar in previous years (£15 / €17 / US$20), there will access to exclusive Instagram stories, my very own "Only Paws" if you will ;) 


Everything is done manually this year, no automatic email confirmation sent, so "merci" in advance for your patience :) 

The calendar is for personal /private use ONLY and not to be shared please.


To order le 2023 Digital Calendar click on the "Donate Now" button below

secure payment using your Paypal account or major debit/credit cards

ANY QUESTION or ISSUE WITH PAYPAL: do message us on IG or email

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