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#LeTest: July 2017 Picks

From delicious treats to a natural shampoo, here are my picks the products i got to put to le test in July 2017.

Catch of the Month: Fish4Dogs Fiskur Teningur - Redfish Cubes

With our last Fish4Dogs order came a bag of the brand's newest treats (Fiskur Teningur means "fish cubes" in Icelandic) made from sustainably sourced Icelandic Redfish.

I'm a huge fan of the treats and those did not disappoint: tasty, very little calories (it's "just" dried fish), perfect for training or tea. Highly recommended for puppies and mature dogs with teeth too fragile to bite into the sea jerky.

Available (with my fav squid bites) online and in selected pet stores.

Not Just Girls Aloud: DogRobes, Snood & Bag

Our beautiful tartan DogRobes drying coat was a saviour during our road trip to Europe last month. The unexpected heatwave, even in beautiful Tirol, left Maman desperate to give me some relief from the 30°C+ temperatures and we were lucky enough to have travelled with our DogRobes. Dip it in cold water, drench and it doubles as a cooling coat so I was able to be more comfortable during the car journeys, and sleep well at night.

The newest addition to the line-up for 2017 are:

- the snood: an add-on to the coat (to slide on head and place over or under the coat), made of the same fabric to dry ears and chest hair. We love that it is fully detachable so that the right size can be purchased if the dog has, like me, an odd body shape.

- the bag: made of the same fabric as the coat on the outside, and a waterproof lining on the inside, an absolute must for travelling dogs and great way to store the coat and snood (both fit in), wet or dry.

Snood and bag (DogRobes already out) available soon on:

Let Dogs Be Dogs: For All Dogkind shampoo

Now I am lucky enough to have a coat that means I only get a bath occasionally, but when I do we like a product that does not compromise between being safe, natural and effective. For All Dogkind products are 97% natural and free from any chemicals (including parabens, petrochemicals and sulphates) and have gorgeous scents.

I've had to sacrifice myself to jump into a mud puddle to try the 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo, which contains a nourishing blend of organic aloe vera, grapefruit and mandarin oil to quickly cleanse and moisturise all skin and coat types, and boost shine.

So Fly! OnFours Tank Top

A really funky range of tops, hoodies, collars and chain leads with super fun labels and slogans. I'm only wearing such accessories for short photoshoots however this one will also be very useful to contain all my fluff, when wearing my sea vest. Not tested on animals!

Get 20% discount on products, by using the discount code "4MARCEL" during the checkout process: .

Love at First Bite: TopCollarBox

A very VERY clever bi-monthly treat subscription service that is personalised with your dog's photo and fits through the letterbox! No compromise between convenience and quality as the treats are gluten free, baked by hand and made in Britain. We love that the recipes are inspired by British classics such as the Pork Pie (with pork liver) I did get to try, and Bangers and Mash. Get your first box for £1 P&P only HERE.

Lost it? Find it! TrackR Bravo Bluetooth Tracker

Originally created to help locate lost keys, bicycles or bags, the tracking device has found another use in using bluetooth technology to also crowd locate lost pets. TrackR features a wallet-thin design, replaceable battery, item ringer, distance indicator, separation alerts and phone finder. A water-resistant sleeve is also available to protect it.

Find lost items with your smartphone (note this is not a live GPS tracker) by receiving a confidential location update in your app when another TrackR app user walks by your missing item (or furry friend). The network works automatically whenever the app is open in the background of your phone, helping other users find their stuff. Use promo code PAWS or 4FRIENDS for 15% off purchases on:

Stay Cool: Sunshine Dreams Cooling Mat

The coolest item I received so far, literally! The self-cooling mat with pressure activated gel technology helps pets cool down (5-10 degrees celsius colder) during hot weather and doubles as a summer bed, crate/carrier or car seat liner. No fridge or freezing or electricity is required to activate the system, which lasts for 2-3 hours at a time. The mat is water resistant and dirt repellent, durable, safe and non-toxic.

We love that it is large (90x50cm), comes in blue or grey (the latter being a lot more stylish in our minds), portable (it now serves as a mat when we go on longer car trips) and easy to clean (just wipe down with a damp cloth).

Available for £19.99 on Amazon.

Disclaimer: these products were sent for us to review.

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