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My Fav 2018 Pet Products

I am Frenchionably late to post a Christmas gift guide this year so thought I would post a list of the favourite products we did get to try (new and recurrent) this year instead! Expect tech, treats (a lot), twinning accessories, and the comfiest in furniture). Some of these items are currently already on sale and offer speedy delivery - so this edit could also come handy for some very last minute shopping (there's always printing a voucher and giving the gift later on, right?)

1. FURBO DOG CAMERA - £129 (RRP £249) until Dec. 23rd!

An old time favourite at House Le Corgi! We've been using one for 2.5 years now and have not grown tired of it! We've had to replace it this year (because Maman tried to "repair" it with brute force) and were pleasantly surprised to discover that the camera now has an even wider angle, covering most of my kingdom at home when the humans are not there).

Furbo is an interactive device: it enables owners to get barking alerts (other types of alerts coming soon to Europe and already available in the US), see what their dog is up to, hear them, talk to them, toss treats and much more... with day and night vision modes, and HD quality (both photos and videos can be recorded from a mobile phone).

It did not take me long to understand that with the sound of my Furbo come good things (aka TREATS) and I wag my tail in anticipation! More about the product on my previous blog post, HERE

Furbo has recently helped dogs from Battersea Dog & Cat Home to find a new home. Click on their name to read more about how it helped Sally and Wiley.

The UK brand, which I have been using since weaned (initially the dry food and treats, now mostly the treats and some of the kibble in my Furbo)

launched the new Salmon Cookies, and Red Fish & Lavender Crunchers this year. We love that the products are simple, with a clear ingredients list, and lean (so I can get more without worrying about my waistline)! My personal favourites are the Squid Bites (which can be broken into smaller pieces for agility training or those watching their calorie intake), sea jerky whoppers and tiddlers (to help keep clean teeth), the salmon mousse (which we stuff Kong toys with then freeze for a lasting, refreshing treat) and sea wraps treats (I give them a little "happy dance" before eating them.

Fish4Dogs have a different promotion running every Friday (on social media and their email mailing list) so I definitely recommend tracking those... and for 10% off one order, you can use my code "Marcel10".

4. HIRO+WOLF New MATCHING COMBOS for Humans & Hounds - From £15

Ever wanted to play matchy matchy with your humans? Hiro+Wolf just nailed this with their new collection of matching accessories, made in the UK and from fair trade sources.

There are three patterns available in bright hues, the work of Amy, one of the two founders of the brand. For each design, the following matching products are available: - Canines: jumper, lead, harness, collar, bandana, bow tie

- Human: hat and scarf.

Twinning is Winning! HERE

5. MADE.Com KYSLER PET MAT - From £16

Part of the new, super stylish pet range by, this pet mat is comfortable and versatile - we use it as a cover to protect our new sofa, and as a pet bed when on the go. It is reversible, offering a choice between two colours (grey and mustard, or teal and grey) and can be easily washed.

Some of the offer by the brand, including some of the new pet collection, are currently on sale. Shop the Pet Collection on the official website HERE.

(sorrym the corgi on the picture and my 2019 calendar are not for sale!)

6. TRUELEAF Treats & Dental Sticks - From £3.49

The natural treats and dental sticks are made from the sustainable hemp plant (but they do not contain CBD).

The products are made of simple, natural and superfood ingredients. There are three different rages: - Calming (which I use during my flight to the Isles of Scilly)

- Hip+Joint (for later in life or prevention)

- and Skin+Coat.

They can be found in selected pet stores in the UK, as well as online HERE and in the USA.

Read my previous blog post about them on this LINK.

7. DOGROBES Drying Coat - From £18.95

Another practical yet stylish product we use extensively, especially during the wet Autumn, Winter and Spring month to dry quickly after our walks.

The dogrobe can also be used to protect a car from getting too mucky, and it was a lifesaver during our road trips when the weather was hot - dipped in cool water it doubles as a cooling coat! The new Paisley "Smoking jacket" pattern is our new favourite. Six Dogrobes and counting! My blog Review is HERE Dogrobes can be purchased on the official website HERE, as well as on Amazon PRIME (delivery still on time for Christmas).

Et Voila! Would love to know what you think of those products, which is your favourite and why? And keep an eye on my Instagram ( for a Furbo giveaway, very soon!

****** This blog post is sponsored by Furbo. Our review is independent and honest as usual: we only recommend products we use/would feel comfortable using, paid or not. ****

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