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The Dog-Friendly Pub Awards

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Having travelled extensively around the UK, we’ve visited “a few” pubs... From those serving refreshments only to the gastropubs, some even boasting Michelin stars!

The country ones are almost always dog friendly, but many London ones are too.

What is a dog-friendly pub? A pub that allows dogs, well, you tell me? To us there is so much more. We make a difference between one where dogs are allowed, reluctantly sometimes, and where they are made to feel welcome.

Does the pub display a clear sign at the door to say dogs are welcome? Are bowls of water readily available in the pub or brought to parties with dogs? Are there dog biscuits available on the counter (Marcel’s most important criteria) ? Do furry guests get a fuss from the staff? Can dogs stay inside not just the beer garden or terrace?

Those are to us what makes a pub a great one with dogs!

Last weekend, gave London’s most discerning food critic the mission to visit one of the capital’s pubs nominated for their Dog-Friendly Pub Awards.

So on a rainy Saturday, I took Maman and Papa to Simon The Tanner in Southwark, one of the pubs nominated.

A sticker at the door makes it clear that dogs are welcome. Inside, an akita takes a nap in a corner. Which means that the establishment does not impose size restrictions.

Once inside, the staff dish out cuddles and attention. A bowl of fresh water is soon delivered by our table (much to my disappointment 😜).

As Maman and Papa were struggling to resist my sad puppy eyes, Maggie, tail wagging, makes an entrance. She is the resident pub dog and greets all pub goers whilst keeping the staff in check.

Simon the Tanner is definitely what we call a dog-friendly, and there are so many more, in London but also nationwide.

We love to support and encourage businesses welcoming pets, and hopefully convince more of all the benefits of welcoming them by being responsible and proving that dogs can change the mood of a place, making people smile more.

What are your criteria? Do you have a favourite dog-friendly pub?

Now is your chance to thank them and encourage more to welcome dogs all across the nation!

The Dog-friendly Pub Awards are run by, the world’s largest network of pet sitters and dog walkers.

The competition aims to find the UK’s most dog-friendly pub and encourage pubs across the country to welcome four legs as well as two.

Not only do the awards show appreciation of existing dog-friendly establishments, it also aims to promote dog-friendly values across all pubs nationwide - inspiring dog owners in the UK to discover and visit their local pubs.

You can vote for your favourite dog-friendly pub by visiting

Public voting closes on Wednesday 6th November 2019. Winners will be announced Wednesday 20th November 2019.

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