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(le) Corgi Collection & Souvenirs

It all started with an email we received during our US trip... a small, London-based company specialising in redefining souvenirs, which "British Icons" collection was (in our opinion) missing a pretty major icon...

In addition to the calendar, we've launched a few merchandise items before (comment if you know them), mostly in collaboration with our friends from Jasper Islington, with proceeds donated to charity. The thought of Marcel having his own line has been in our minds for years now. As with all our brand collaborations, we wanted to make sure to find the right company to work with, one with values aligning with ours, and of course a design that's original and reflects him and us.

We're super pleased to announce that this company is To Home From London, and that their British Icons now (finally) include a corgi! Introducing....

Marcel Le Corgi® by To Home From London

It's a match made in Heaven! Gorgeous colourful, vibrant, fresh and unique souvenirs that are adventurous and everything but boring (like Marcel) designed by people who care: for the environment (with items and packaging that are durable and eco-conscious where possible: recycled plastic bottles, PVC free, recyclable, responsibly sourced paper and wood...) but also who work with small and local businesses as much as possible. All items in the collection are made in UK and from original artwork.

It was very important for us as well as Bianca and Nacho (the couple who created the brand) to include a charity element to the collection, so 4% of the proceeds (half coming from our royalties, kindly matched by To Home From London) are donated to Queen's Best Stumpy Dog Rescue (we previously donated these to Mayhew, the animal charity and rescue we volunteered for until Summer 2021).

The rest of our royalties now goes towards my "oh poo fund", the savings account we use to cover the costs of Marcel's IVDD recovery as well as medical and care costs (and some treats too).

The 5 different designs are inspired by Marcel's personality and what we love to do the most with him:

  • "His Royal Lowness Prince Hairy of Wales" (he - literally - is the most down to Earth member of the Royal Family, after all... and a very hairy ginger boy that was born in Wales, see what we did here?)

  • "The Corg's Guard" (after this epic 2016 photo in front of Buckingham Palace)

  • "Clan MacCorgi" (something about our love for Scotland here)

  • "Le Chef Corgdon Bleu" ("Papa" Pierre is a French chef and Marcel a very discerning food critic ;) )

  • and a snoot to "Boop" (and always here to make you smile)

The collection keeps expanding, with new and exciting additions planned almost every month! It currently includes:

  • Magnetic Coasters (set of 4 for £15 or sold individually for £5). Easily cleaned, made from a thin layer of MDF, easy to store on the fridge or another metal surface, clever!

  • Icons Mug (£10), an 11oz mug that's dishwasher and microwave safe.

  • Eco Tote Bag (£10) made 100% from recycled plastic bottles but feeling like soft cotton! Lightweight, thin and strong. Can be washed in cold water and colours won't fade.

  • Boop Gift Box (£15) with a magnetic coaster and a mug.

  • Eco Stickers (£3 each) available in each 5 different designs (Boop, His Royal Lowness, The Corg's Guard, Clan MacCorgi and Le Chef Corgdon Bleu). The eco stickers are digitally printed onto matt responsibly sourced paper, they have the shape of the artwork (perfect for that laptop or water bottle), and the best part? They are 100% PVC free, 100% Recyclable!

  • Eco Pin (£7) in the "Boop" artwork, digitally printed on responsibly sourced European Birch Plywood (which uses 20 times less energy to produce than enamel pins!)

  • Face Mask (£15) in the "Boop" artwork, made from a three-layer soft polyester providing excellent breathability and lightness, even during the Summer. The middle, filter layer is made of water-repellent fabric with integrated nanofibre technology giving it a good filtration capability. It comes with adjustable straps and nose wire support for better comfort! Not personal protective equipment or a medical device. Machine washable at 30°-60°C. Size is 16.8 x 14.5 cm.

  • Print (from £20). Open edition printed on a beautiful textured Italian paper (A4) or professional photography paper (A3, A2, A1) recreating every detail of the original watercolours that will bring a lot of good vibes to your home.

  • SIZESA4 (210 x 297mm) | A3 (297 x 420 mm) | A2 (420 x 594 mm) | A1 (594 x 841 mm)

Say "au revoir" to the classic low quality, mass produced, souvenir... and limited options when it comes to corgi souvenirs especially... and "bone jour" to Marcel Le Corgi® by To Home From London... available for the next few months a least, in their Camden Town boutique and stalls, as well as online (shipping worldwide).

Which design and/or item from the collection is your fave, and why? Tell us in the comments or on social media, where we will run regular giveaways!

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