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About Moi

Marcel, a fluffy Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog living in London UK and travelling the world, is smiling in the arms of his French human

Je suis Marcel "Le Corgi", fluffy extraordinaire. 

I was born in the "motherland", Wales, in August 2013 and live in amazing London (UK) when not on the road.


 I'm a purebred Pembroke Welsh corgi (oui oui, the same kind of dogs Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has) only with longer hair (it comes from recessive gene).

Because "fluffies" like moi are non show standard I decided to create my own "show" on social media! I go to places where no other dogs has been before: the first dog to ever be invited at the RHS Chelsea Flower? Yours truly!  


I'm the UK's most famous corgi on social media (with a following of over 245,000 across Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Pinterest and this blog), the co-founder of the UK Corgi Club, and a rePAWter for the Evening Standard's Go London digital platform (from 2017-2019). 

This blog is a "Travel & Leisure" finalist of Vuelio's 2020 Influence Awards, one of Vuelio's "Top 10 UK Pet Blogs"  (2017, 2018 & 2020) and was nominated as one of the UK's Top Pet Travel Blogs in the British Travel Awards 2020.

I'm "bilingual", barking in English and French, and share my home with my two French uprights.

"Maman" Aurélie is a family, occasions & travel photographer and the content creator on my social media and blog.

"Papa" Pierre, a Michelin star trained hospitality executive head chef (aka @pierre.le.chef on Instagram).

They both gave me their "bon vivant" atttude.Together we love to travel, eat good food, stay à la mode and brighten your days! 


I've visited 14 countries so far, in Europe and North America, and also love to explore the one we call "home": the UK! 

I exercise Maman at agility and know many tricks (très clever right!). A real ham for the cam, I'm patient (you better be with an in-house pupperazzi) and super friendly (to all living beings, yes, even C-A-T-S).


I have also been a #Therapaws therapy visting dog (we volunteer for pet charity Mayhew) since 2017.

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