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About Moi & The Humans


Je suis Marcel "Le Corgi", fluffy extraordinaire. 

I was born in the "motherland", Wales, in August 2013 and live in amazing London (UK) when not exploring with my French humans. "Maman" Aurélie is a Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer and consultant for people who love dogs (aka "@photobya4") , and the content creator behind my social media and blog. "Papa" Pierre (aka @pierre.le.chef on TikTok and Instagram) is a Michelin star trained hospitality chef and food consultant. They both gave me their "bon vivant" atttude. Together we love to travel, eat good food, stay à la mode and brighten your days! 


 I'm "bilingual", barking in English and French (or any other language for a treat!). I'm a Pembroke Welsh corgi (oui oui, the same kind of dogs the late Queen Elizabeth II had), only with longer hair (it comes from recessive gene). Some call me "Le Corguide" because I love to travel (I've visited 14 countries so far, in Europe and North America, and also love to explore the beautiful one we call "home": the UK!), or "His Royal Lowness": because off the gram I live my best life as just a normal dog (the humans insist on this). I'm the most down to earth member of the Royal Family, literally ;) 

Because "fluffies" like moi are non show standard, I decided to create my own "show" on social media! I go to places where no other dogs has been before: the first dog to ever be invited at the RHS Chelsea Flower? Yours truly!  


I've been a volunteer therapy visiting dog with Maman since 2017 (we visit the elderly wards of a local NHS hospital), the UK's most famous corgi on social media (with a following of over 245,000 across Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Pinterest and this blog), co-founded the UK Corgi Club, and was a rePAWter for the Evening Standard's Go London digital platform (between 2017 & 2019). 

This blog and my social media are a "Travel & Leisure" finalist of Vuelio's 2020 Influence Awards, one of Vuelio's "Top 10 UK Pet Blogs"  (2017, 2018,  2020 & 2021) and was nominated as one of the UK's Top Pet Travel Blogs in the British Travel Awards 2020.

Before suddenly becoming paralysed on Christmas Day 2021 due to IVDD (InterVertebral Disc Disease, which corgis are prone to due to their long bodies and short legs) and working hard to walk again and keep the disease at bay since, I used to exercise Maman at agility for 6 years. I know many tricks (très clever right!) and can be a real ham for the cam. I'm patient and super friendly (to all living beings, yes, even C-A-T-S).

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