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PR & Disclosure Policy

Invitations, Products or Samples

We're PR friendly, happy to discuss invitations, products and services to trial, promote and review or feature on our blog and social media IF we feel like they fit with us and our vibe / audience. If we're not 100% happy with a product or service we tried, we'll just forget about it and not post, no negativity. Unless otherwise specified all photography on le blog and social media is done by "Maman" Aurélie


Press kit, rates & press trips deliverables available on request. 


We happy to host giveaways on LeCorgi blog on behalf of your brand, company or business if in keeping with the blog's vibe. 

Disclosure Policy 

Gifted Items sent for review/Invitations : sometimes are lucky enough to receive products for free or be invited to write a review. This will not influence the content of the review. All posts resulting from an invitation, or featuring a sample/free product for will be clearly labelled as such.

Sponsored Posts & Affiliate Links. Th
ere are times when a company has paid for a blog post / content to be written that is including a product or service of theirs. All advertisements will be clearly identified, on the blog and social media.

Paid or not, we do not recommend or talk about something we have not tested and/or would not use. 

LeCorgi is a personal blog and all opinions expressed are honest opinions based on our experience. 

We do not post third party content. 

Charity & Friends

Corgis are known to be greedy but we're not - because there is only so much we can use, we regularly give products we received for free to our charities of choice, and donate some of the proceeds of the sale of our merchandise.

You can contact us regarding any of the above by email -

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