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work with
Marcel "Le Corgi", Photographer Aurélie Four and Chef Pierre
in London (UK), France & abroad

Marcel @lecorgi is the UK's most famous corgi on social media (with a following of over 245k across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Tumblr, Pinterest and this blog).


Whether you're looking for for a well cared for, happy and trained fluffy model, ambassadog, blogger, social media / dog influencer, review of a dog-friendly venue or experience, photographer*, expert in the pet industry and/or a corporate hospitality chef** trained in Michelin star restaurants for a campaign in London (UK) or abroad (all 3 of us have up to date passports)...

We'd love to discuss this with you!


So please fill in the contact form

or email us directly*** on

* who surprisingly does much more than capturing Marcel's every day life - think weddings, family (including of course companion animals), couples, products, food, events, editorial... check "Maman" Aurélie's work on

** also known on Instagram as @pierre.le.chef, "Papa" Pierre has his own influential food account, featuring his own creations as well as those of other chefs inspiring him, and food from the places we visit. Check his blog here:

*** please note at the exception of modelling agencies Marcel is signed up with anyone claiming to represent us or be our agent is doing so fraudulently. We work directly on most of our collaborations, especially social media and photography. In doubt please email us to confirm.

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