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True Leaf Pet™ Hemp Treats

"Return The Love" (that pets give their humans) is the trademarked motto of True Leaf Pet™, a division of True Leaf Medicine International Ltd. Based in the sunny Okanagan region of British Columbia, Canada, the company produces and distributes innovative, every day hemp-based pet products that aim to help pets live a long and healthy life.

Why hemp? The "sober cousin" of marijuana has many health promoting properties that nearly every dog could use. The plant is one of the oldest and most versatile, used in food and even textile. It is sustainable and resilient (naturally resistant to most pests and thriving on less water than most crops), and a natural way to clean up soil pollution.

Unlike fish oil, hemp seed oil contains the perfect ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 essential fatty acids, which dogs need in their diets but cannot produce. A good balance of these omega oils is critical to a dog's heath. Hemp seeds are also high in GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) which is primordial to help fight cancer, reduce joint pain and improve skin and coat.

“True Leaf Pet exists to help pets live healthy, happier lives,” said Darcy Bomford, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of True Leaf. “We’re inspired by our pets and their remarkable capacity for unconditional love. True Leaf is dedicated to returning that love through our all-natural, hemp-seed based pet products.”

I was lucky enough to be sent the entire selection of functional treats for dogs (two products per range) to try and three things caught our eyes (and my stomach): they are all free from grain (and added sugar, artificial colours or flavours), with natural ingredients (hemp seed and leaf, and fresh chicken plus a formula depending on the range)... and some cheeky, fun shapes!

Two types of treats (both free from CBD and THC) are available:

- the Dental Sticks, in packs of 100g / 7 pieces, contain pea and potato starch, hemp and salmon. They have the shape of the hemp leaf with indentations to help clean teeth.

- the Treats contain 70% chicken, as well as hemp and salmon oil. They can be broken into smaller pieces making them ideal for my agility training and when out and about taking pictures or just at the park.

Both dental sticks and treats come in one of three ranges designed to provide specific support:

- the Calming range is designed to help pets stressed from loud noises, human mood swings or suffering from separation anxiety. It contains True Calm™ support formula with green tea for natural calming support, as well as calming herbs (chamomile and lemon balm).

- the Skin+Coat range is formulated to help with soft skin and a shiny coat. It contains True Health™ support formula with ground flax seed (a natural source of alpha linolenic acid ALA), salmon oil (a marine source of DHA and EPA, and antioxidant pomegranate.

- the Hip+Joint range with True Spirit™ support formula incorporates green lipped mussel from New Zealand (for hip and joint function) and turmeric root to help protect against free-radical damage.

I may not be the most discerning pup when it comes to my food but the humans are very careful with what I eat due to a very sensitive tummy and also concerns what goes into some commercial dog food (just take a look at the ingredients lists to see cereals, chemicals...), hence why we rarely accept to try out food. The True Leaf Pet treats however we found outstanding, we love everything from the ethos of the brands, ingredients to the packaging.

Keep an eye on my Instagram where we will be running giveaways in collaboration with the brand, from time to time...

The True Hemp™ hemp-based chews, oils and sticks are now available in over 1800 stores across Canada, United States, New Zealand, as well as in select countries across Europe, including in the UK. Find your nearest retailer HERE or order online on Amazon.

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